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ABA Therapy in Virginia

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ABA Therapy in Virginia

Attain ABA provides ABA Services in home, school, virtual and community settings throughout Virginia.
We are currently admitting new clients right away – there is no waitlist at Attain ABA!

We accept Virginia Medicaid and most commercial insurances.

Amanda Sharpe, BCBA, Virginia

Amanda Sharpe, MS, BCBA. Regional Clinical Director

…”I began my journey to become an analyst in 2014 when someone close to me was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I believe that ABA Therapy is a game changer for all individuals with disabilities, I have the privilege of working with individuals and their families to change lives”.

ABA Therapy in Virginia: Resources

Autism Spectrum Disorders – Virginia Department of Education

The Virginia Autism Council

Our Program


...During the caregiver interview process, simple forms will be completed by you to determine the basic background for your child as well as specific goals you would like to work on. What to expect with the assessment is a play based fun interaction with your child to determine their strengths and challenges. The initial assessment for your child takes approximately 2 hours… Once the assessment is approved, then initial and ongoing services will be recommended...

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BCBA Supervision

...The BCBA facilitates ongoing care. This involves... educating a one-on-one therapist on the exact needs of your child and the implementation steps for therapeutic programming, detailed observations of your child across environments with and without their one-on-one, offline graphing and analysis of progress for the development of ongoing reports, and occasionally direct therapy with your child…

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Adult ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is gaining traction in the public eye as a proven effective method for supporting individuals with autism in adulthood as well as early childhood through adolescence. Here at Attain ABA, we already have an established specialty area of our practice aimed at empowering adults with autism to achieve their goals. Built on knowledge gleaned from years of experience with adults …

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Parent Consultation

At Attain ABA, we believe families are a critical member of their child’s team. We want to work with you to identify goals for treatment and establish patterns for success based on the expert knowledge you already have about your child. But our collaboration doesn’t end there. A vital, yet little known part of a successful ABA program is parent consultation and training. We can provide you with individualized coaching …

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