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    ABA Therapy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Attain ABA provides in-home ABA therapy services to children and teenagers throughout the Philadelphia region.

    We are now accepting new clients and you can begin ABA services in only 4-6 weeks from enrollment!

    Our Program


    At the assessment visit, the BCBA will discuss our program with you, assist you with completing the intake packet, discuss your concerns about your child, and observe your child in a comfortable home setting to create an individualized treatment plan.

    BCBA Supervision

    Our experienced BCBA’s create treatment plans tailored to your child’s needs and facilitate ongoing therapy and care. Through close supervision, detailed observation, and constant reporting and analysis, the BCBA ensures your child is progressing and reaching their goals.

    ABA Therapy

    Your child will work with talented Registered Behavior Technicians who combine skill, professionalism, and advanced training with their love for children to achieve optimal results. The RBT will collaborate with you and your child's BCBA to implement the treatment plan and help your child reach their developmental goals and milestones.

    Parent Consultation

    Effective ABA therapy requires a strong partnership between therapists and parents. We combine our expertise in the field with yours as a parent to identify goals, establish patterns of success for your child, and provide parental trainings and consultations.

    Personalized ABA Therapy

    The core of our family-centered programming is ABA therapy. ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis.

    Applied - we ground our therapeutic methods in the setting and context that will be most meaningful for your child.

    Behavior - we seek to teach new behaviors and reduce or eliminate challenging ones to empower your child’s true self, not change who they are.

    Analysis - we commit to evaluating indicators of success on an ongoing basis by analyzing data and adjusting the program accordingly.

    ABA is intended to adjust the environment around the person with autism to increase teachable moments
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