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There are various assessments used to create programming for clients to begin ABA Therapy. During the assessment process, caregiver interviews, direct observations, and a formal assessment are conducted. During the caregiver interview process, simple forms will be completed by you to determine the basic background for your child as well as specific goals you would like to work on. What to expect with the assessment is a play based fun interaction with your child to determine their strengths and challenges. The initial assessment for your child takes approximately 2 hours. A treatment plan from the clinician takes at a minimum of a week to complete and then the clinician will meet with you for recommendations on your child’s individualized program. Once the assessment is approved, then initial and ongoing services will be recommended.

BCBA Supervision

BCBA supervision is the overall guidance of implementation of your child’s ABA therapy program. After the assessment process is complete and a plan for treatment has been developed that details your overall goals as well as specific learning targets culled from assessment results, the BCBA facilitates ongoing care. This involves writing sequences for teaching and practicing new skills and identifying and procuring preferred items and activities that motivate your child, called “reinforcers”. The next step is educating a one-on-one therapist on the exact needs of your child and the implementation steps for therapeutic programming, detailed observations of your child across environments with and without their one-on-one, offline graphing and analysis of progress for the development of ongoing reports, and occasionally direct therapy with your child. The BCBA insures the implementation of the treatment plan and teaching protocols of your child’s ABA Therapy program are running thouroughly and are progressing through continious data collection.

Adult ABA therapy

ABA therapy is gaining traction in the public eye as a proven effective method for supporting individuals with autism in adulthood as well as early childhood through adolescence. Here at Attain ABA, we already have an established specialty area of our practice aimed at empowering adults with autism to achieve their goals. Built on knowledge gleaned from years of experience working with adults in their vocational settings, independent and shared living spaces, and favorite community businesses, our adulthood programming fosters autonomy and protects blindspots. If you have already established guardianship through the state for your son or daughter with autism, we can get started in the collaborative planning process right away. Alternatively, you may not be pursuing guardianship and your adult with autism is ready to helm their own therapy program – with you in the passenger seat, of course. Either way, we will tailor our services to subtly and efficiently create scaffolding to support positive behavioral expectations and skills across environments so you as the parent can have peace of mind taking a step back and allowing greater independence.

Parent Training

At Attain ABA, we believe families are a critical member of their child’s team. We want to work with you to identify goals for treatment and establish patterns for success based on the expert knowledge you already have about your child. A comprehensive team includes effective training for all team members involved. Part of Attain ABA’s services include training parents and/or care givers on specific client’s programming. We can provide you with individualized methods to support meeting your goals at home and in the community when we’re not there, as well as the one-on-one therapy sessions in the home or clinic setting with your child. In the parent consultation sessions, we’ll start by building on your child’s plan for treatment and the goals you’ve already identified to set a few short-term and long-term goals. Then, we’ll make a action plan to implement short-term and long-term goals during parent training sessions. As we go through the action plan and master short and long-term goals, we will add new goals as necessary.

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