Harness the positive power of ABA therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based, data-driven therapeutic approach. It is considered the gold standard of treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays.

Through positive reinforcement, active play, and lots of practice, Attain’s ABA therapists encourage positive behavior growth and help your child communicate, engage in social play, reduce the frequency of their tantrums and build fundamental life skills.

What is ABA Therapy?

Attain's family-focused approach

Positive +

We concentrate on what's working, reward your child each time they engage in a desired behavior, and celebrate milestones right alongside you.

Collaborative +

We consider family a critical part of every child's team, from helping to reinforce skills and behaviors to providing invaluable perspective.

Evolving +

We continuously adapt our approach based on how your child is responding to specific interventions, ensuring they’re constantly growing and learning.

Transparent +

As an integral member of the team, you're always in the loop. You'll know what goals we've set, how your child's progressing, and have full access to their charts, anytime.

Many Techniques. One Direction: Forward

No two children with an ASD diagnosis are the same, and so, at Attain, no two treatment plans are alike. Our team carefully determines and develops the perfect treatment path forward for your child, applying some of the specialized techniques below. Ensuring every service we provide is the most effective one has led to measurably better outcomes for the children we work with.

Applied Behavior Analysis

This individualized curriculum is designed according to your child’s needs. It teaches communication, social interaction, and functional and adaptive skills. Your behavior technician will work closely with your BCBA, encouraging your child to adapt new skills by gently prompting and positively reinforcing desired behaviors.

Natural Environment Training

Here, we teach your child how to translate and apply the skills they’re learning throughout their everyday life. We do so by incorporating the desired skill or behavior within the context of an activity and continually building upon it.

Discrete Trial Trainings

This technique addresses a specific target or a small set of targets, one at a time. Examples include following directions, getting dressed, and communication skills such as making sounds and requesting items.

Pivotal Response Training

A specialized approach where our child takes the lead, choosing from a group of activities offered by their therapist. This encourages children to develop their own internal motivation to perform specific behaviors.

Early Start Denver Model

A specialized approach sometimes utilized by our BCBAs, ESDM uses play-based activities that incorporate several goals at once to build communicative social relationships.

Verbal Behavior

Encouraging your child to interact and become more communicative by building their overall communication skills.

Wherever's best for your child


Your child can receive hands-on ABA Therapy right at home, where they feel most comfortable.

Your therapist will also train you and any other primary caretakers in the most effective techniques to help encourage positive behavior growth outside of therapy hours.


The world outside your home is full of noises, sights, sounds, smells, and demands that can feel overwhelming.

By venturing out, hand-in-hand with their Behaviour Technician, your child can actively work on and develop vital skills in their everyday environment.

Depending on age or need, this can include the playground, daycare, school, shopping, and more.


Attain's virtual ABA therapy program allows children to receive quality therapy, wherever they might be. It is available through most insurances.

Similar to in-person sessions, your child's therapist will focus on the behaviors and skills that concern you most. They will also teach you techniques you can reinforce with your children outside of therapy hours.

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We’re with you every
step of the way

Speedy Enrollment +

Verifying your insurance coverage

First, we'll verify your information and insurance coverage. Next, we'll get to know you better so that we can match you to a therapist who will be a great fit for you and your family.

Initial Assessment +

Discovering your child’s unique needs

Your Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will conduct a careful and thorough assessment of your child in order to discover their unique needs. This assessment will include close observations of your child in multiple settings and an in-depth parent interview to gain your valuable perspective.

Roadmap of Care

A treatment plan for developing specific skills and behaviors

Based on the initial assessment, your BCBA will map out a treatment plan targeting specific skills and behaviors. Going forward, your BCBA will work closely with your child’s behavior technician throughout every step of their treatment journey, continuously evaluating progress and directing them on the best techniques for your child.

Approval +

Confirming your child’s care plan with insurance

We’ll submit your child’s roadmap of care to their insurance provider in order to acquire prior authorization and confirm the hours your child is eligible for. Depending on your provider, this can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Our approval team is experienced in preparing and submitting all relevant documentation at the outset, so the approval process moves forward seamlessly.


A collaborative, positive process

You’ll begin working with a behavior technician, who collaborates hand-in-hand with you, your child, and your child’s BCBA to help your child reach their developmental goals, one celebrated milestone at a time. As your child progresses, your BCBA will continuously re-evaluate and remap those targets and directs your behavior technician on best-use techniques to ensure your child consistently improves and grows.

Coordination (Ongoing) +

Scheduling care around your schedule

In addition to your therapy team, your family will also receive a personal care concierge, who helps schedule sessions around you and your family's schedule.