How does Virtual ABA Therapy work?

We know that you must have many concerns about continuing therapy safely and effectively during this time. The good news is that through our virtual ABA therapy sessions, your child will be able to continue to receive the services they need in a safe and familiar environment. Most importantly, your child will not miss a single day of that therapy that can help so much.

You can initiate remote teletherapy or Virtual ABA Therapy by contacting us. From there, we’ll conduct a HIPPA compliant virtual initial evaluation. Following that, our clinician will create an individualized treatment plan for your child. an individualized treatment plan.

Unlike standard ABA therapy, remote teletherapy focus primarily on parent training, problem solving, reducing challenging behaviors and increasing functional skills within the home environment.

Once we assess the scope of virtual therapy, we’ll create a contact plan. You and your assigned clinician will meet in virtual ABA therapy sessions, where we’ll work with both you and your child to address the behaviors you’re most concerned about. They’ll offer you tools and tactics to help your child. Like any other ABA therapy, our professionals will provide the tools and insights to address problem behaviors. But they’ll also teach new skills that you can utilize on your own.Throughout this teletherapy process, the clinician will continue to monitor your child’s development.

Our clinicians are available to help with any difficulties that may arise and focus on overcoming any difficult behaviors coming from the differences of routine your child might experience.

Is virtual therapy equally effective?

Even though there are great differences between virtual ABA therapy and face-to-face ABA therapy, both can be equally effective.

The steps we follow in teletherapy mirror our face-to-face process:

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Consultation and Initial evaluation

A clinician makes a first consultation for free by video call

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Case Assessment

Evaluation of previous reports on the child over time. Parents receive an online questionnaire to complete that inquires about behaviors, abilities and goals. Remote observation of child behavior is done through video where observation of interaction in different contexts and environments occur.

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Personalized Therapy Care Plan

Our clinicians create virtual ABA therapy tailored to meet your child’s specific needs. Therefore, all online therapy sessions are tailored for your kid.

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Development of ABA Therapy

Virtual teletherapy is developed through periodic therapy sessions. These sessions include ongoing training and support for parents and caregivers.

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Supervision and Monitoring

The clinician analyzes the data and does a therapeutic evaluation. If necessary, the clinician makes changes and adjustments to the treatment plan to help the child’s progress.

Benefits of Virtual In-Home Therapy

There are many benefits to virtual ABA therapy at Attain

  • Continue ABA therapy for your loved ones through the pandemic, safely and risk-free
  • Receive ABA therapy and support for you and your child, no matter where you are within the areas we service.
  • Eases the limitations in ABA training for yourself.
  • Access certified clinicians and other consultants.
  • Greatly reduced cost.
  • No travel needed.
  • Easily create networks (parents, caregivers, therapists, school teachers, etc.).
  • On-demand teletherapy consultations.

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