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With Attain, they can.

Your child is unique, talented, and above all else, capable of so much growth and accomplishment. As a national leader in ABA Therapy, Attain provides the leading team, resources, and expertise to bring out their very best.

Together, we’ll explore their true potential — who they are, who they can be, and what they can achieve, one celebrated milestone at a time.

Guiding you from point A to all your child can B

We harness the proven and positive power of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to help children with autism and other developmental delays, ages 0-21.

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Our Program

We’re with you every
step of the way

Speedy Enrollment +

Verifying your insurance coverage

First, we'll verify your information and insurance coverage. Next, we'll get to know you better so that we can match you to a therapist who will be a great fit for you and your family.

Initial Assessment +

Discovering your child’s unique needs

Your Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) will conduct a careful and thorough assessment of your child in order to discover their unique needs. This assessment will include close observations of your child in multiple settings, and an in-depth parent interview to gain your valuable perspective.

Roadmap of Care

A treatment plan for developing specific skills and behaviors

Based on the initial assessment, your BCBA will map out a treatment plan targeting specific skills and behaviors. Going forward, your BCBA will work closely with your child’s behavior technician throughout every step of their treatment journey, continuously evaluating progress and directing them on the best techniques for your child.

Approval +

Confirming your child’s care plan with insurance

We’ll submit your child’s care plan to their insurance provider in order to confirm the hours of care your child is eligible for. Depending on your provider, this can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Our approval team is experienced in preparing and submitting all relevant documentation at the outset, ensuring the approval process moves forward quickly and efficiently.


A collaborative, positive process

You’ll begin working with a behaviour technician, who collaborates hand-in-hand with you, your child, and your child’s BCBA to help your child reach their developmental goals, one celebrated milestone at a time. As your child progresses, your BCBA will continuously re-evaluate and remap those targets and direct your child’s behaviour technician on best-use techniques to ensure your child consistently improves and grows.

Coordination (Ongoing) +

Scheduling care around your schedule

In addition to your therapy team, your family will also receive a personal care coordinator, who helps schedule sessions around you and your family's schedule. You can reach out to your concierge for anything, anytime.

National leadership. Measurably better outcomes.

Harness Attain’s proven techniques, hands-on process and unmatched expertise to unlock your child’s innate talents, skills, and abilities. 90% of clients have made meaningful progress in communication, social, or functioning skills within 30 days. 92%+ of parents have rated their child’s Attain treatment plan “5 Stars” and say their quality of life has improved since receiving therapy from Attain.

Progress That Parents Experience, Daily

I am so happy with the services we are getting from Attain ABA. We were able to start therapy very quickly and everyone who we've dealt with has been so kind and caring. The therapists are really good at what they do and I'm seeing such a big difference in my child's behavior and day to day life.

Myron Baltimore, MD

My child’s care team has been amazing. From the tech to the BCBA to the client services team everyone is so caring and compassionate and is always working so hard to reach our goals. We don’t know where we would be without you all.

Alicia Richmond, VA

Can’t say enough wonderful things about Amanda.  She is a wonderful therapist and is making a difference in his life every single day. We are so thankful to have her in my son’s life for these services.  

Sierra Philadelphia, PA
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