ABA Therapy helps your child blossom to be the best they can be

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    Attain ABA adheres to the belief that each child can reach their full potential.
    We develop treatment that creates a nurturing setting where positive behavior change is achievable.

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    Personalized ABA Therapy

    The core of our family-centered programming is ABA therapy. ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis.

    Applied - we ground our therapeutic methods in the setting and context that will be most meaningful for your child.

    Behavior - we seek to teach new behaviors and reduce or eliminate challenging ones to empower your child’s true self, not change who they are.

    Analysis - we commit to evaluating indicators of success on an ongoing basis by analyzing data and adjusting the program accordingly.

    ABA is intended to adjust the environment around the person with autism to increase teachable moments
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    We work with your family

    At Attain ABA, we value your expertise on your child’s needs as much as our own expertise in the field. We believe that by consciously combining these two parallel strengths at the outset of services as well as on an ongoing basis, we can individualize our therapeutic strategies and tailor our programming to bring out the best in your child and your family. ABA therapy is a proven method to treat autism and is recommended by most neurological and psychological associations, so you can be sure it can really help your kid!

    Our clinical team of experienced BCBA's and talented therapists can meet in the comfort and safety of your home, in your child's school, or through teletherapy.

    Our Enrollment Process is Easy and Simple!

    The process of ABA therapy starts with intake form and a simple assessment. We will pinpoint your child’s present strengths and challenges as well as your goals and build a strong therapy plan accordingly.

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